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Netflix DVDs are again on their way

August 16, 2008|Alex Pham | Times Staff Writer

Netflix Inc. has fixed a major snag that had prevented it from shipping millions of DVDs to its subscribers this week.

Some of the customers affected by the delay might get their movies and TV shows in time for Saturday-night viewing.

"We're now shipping from all of our distribution centers, with full expectation that everybody's discs will go out today," company spokesman Steve Swasey said Friday. "All systems go."

Netflix will issue a 15% refund to members whose discs were delayed this week, he said.

About one-third of Netflix's 8.5 million members were affected by the delivery delay, stemming from what company executives characterized as "severe technical difficulties" but declined to describe in any more detail.

The credit will appear on affected subscribers' next monthly bill.

The stoppage hit all 55 Netflix distribution centers. The Los Gatos, Calif., company on average ships 2 million discs a day.

"We really regret this happened and we're doing everything we can to prevent this from happening again," Swasey said.


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