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Attacking an attack on Obama

August 16, 2008

Re "A make-believe presidency's 3 a.m. call," Opinion, Aug. 12

Jonah Goldberg criticizes Barack Obama for not taking a hard-line stance against Russian aggression. But isn't it this brash and brazen act-before-we-have-all-the-facts attitude that got us into that war about 500 miles south of Georgia?

Obama is right to call for a cease-fire, as it should be our goal to end hostilities as quickly as possible. Then, finally, when there's a peace deal, we can point the finger. Neither side is free of guilt.

What would be accomplished by escalating tensions between the U.S. and Russia? War on three fronts? No thanks. The first Cold War was enough for me.

Will McDermott

Silver Spring, Md.

Goldberg feels that Obama, who is not yet president, should interrupt his vacation to respond to the Russia-Georgia conflict. As he writes, "presidential vacations are always well planned -- and often interrupted."

In 2001, while the actual president, George Bush, was on vacation and told that Osama Bin Laden was determined to strike within the United States, he thanked the messenger and continued to enjoy his time off.

If Obama should stop body surfing, shouldn't Bush have stopped chopping wood?

Susan Chieco


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