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Dodgers dread

August 16, 2008

If it would make Joe Torre as good a manager as Manny Ramirez is a player, maybe he should grow dreadlocks.

Kathi Trivers

Lake Arrowhead

I think it's only fair that Manny Ramirez is allowed to have hair longer than that of all the other Dodgers combined, considering that he also drives in more runs than the rest of the lineup put together.

Connor Hastings

San Luis Obispo

The Angels' sweep of the Yankees was no favor to the Dodgers; it almost guarantees that as a free agent, Manny will be in a Yankees uniform next year.

Jack Wishard

Los Angeles

As if he has helped: "General Manager Ned Colletti said [Andruw] Jones told Torre that his knee was bothering him and that he didn't think he could help the club." [Dodgers FYI, Aug. 13]

Do the names Roberto Duran and the phrase "No mas" sound familiar? What a perfect scenario for what has to be the most perfectly horrendous acquisition in baseball history.

John R. Grush

Mission Viejo

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