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In the shame spotlight; will 'Babylon' crumble?

August 24, 2008|DENISE MARTIN

You've been waiting to talk about: "The Michael Vick Case." Animal Planet kicks off the series "Animal Witness" by going inside the case of NFL superstar turned criminal Michael Vick, who had a $130-million contract with the Atlanta Falcons until it was discovered that he had financed an illegal dog-fighting circuit. Not even numerous hits to the head can excuse it.


Is anyone talking about: "Babylon A.D."? Yahoo's summer movie guide billed it in this unfortunately worded way: "Vin Diesel is the only thing standing between a synthetic virus and worldwide doom." (Then again, "The Pacifier" made over $100 million.)


Call me a sap, but I can never talk enough about: "The Nightmare Before Christmas." The excuse this time? A new two-disc collector's edition of the 1993 cult classic is coming out. And while I'm stoked to see Edward and Bella's haunting romance when "Twilight" hits theaters this November, nothing beats the haunted courtship of the Pumpkin King and his Franken-girlfriend, Sally. Nothing. (Tuesday)

The kids are already stepping up to the plate to talk about: Mario Super Sluggers for Wii. Apparently, the game takes the Wii Sports baseball mini-game and blows it up. Think moving icebergs that can freeze your outfielders. Or Yoshi's blinding rainbow pitch. Jeez, I was just getting the hang of, you know, hitting the ball in the mini-game. (Monday)

Can someone talk to MTV about: "My Super Sweet 16 Presents: Exiled!"? Because we have a suggestion for the producers of the show, which takes the pampered princesses showcased in the network's hit series "My Super Sweet 16" and sends them to Third World locales to see if a global wakeup call can't change their spoiled ways. A better idea: sending the parents with them -- one way. (Monday)

-- Denise Martin

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