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'Secret Spots,' continued

August 24, 2008

Reading your article about Best Friends animal sanctuary made me warm and fuzzy all over ["Where Pets Outnumber People," Secret Spots of the West, Aug. 17].

Could anything make you feel better than caring for one of these innocent creatures? How rewarding to be in the beautiful outdoors of Utah away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Agneta Ekebrand

Los Angeles


Writer Mary Forgione forgot to tell the readers about one of the best things about the drive on the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway ["Forest Loop Is Blissfully Lonely"]. Jones Store on Forest Road 7 (Beasore Road) offers the best "high-altitude" hamburgers around.

The store is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day and provides a place to rest and get something to eat and drink.

Bob Lewis

Long Beach


Enjoyed Chris Erskine's article about Doryman's in Newport Beach ["Vintage Vibe in a Beach Setting"].

As a resident of the peninsula (halfway between the two piers in the quieter section), I want to mention that he missed a great little restaurant. Sol Grill -- near Charlie's Chili and next door to Sharkeez -- has wonderful meals, eclectic ambience and friendly owners. Before 7 p.m. you can order many of their entrees for $10.

Carol Vyn

Newport Beach

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