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Economic politics

August 27, 2008

Re "Uneasy Voters: Taxing the rich," Aug. 21

Your subhead reads, "True to party doctrine, the GOP candidate's economic proposals would ease the burden on the rich, while the Democratic candidate's would increase it."

Could The Times publish an article explaining to working Americans what burdens those taking in over $5 million a year have? For that matter, what financial burdens do people taking in over $250,000 a year have?

The McCain campaign loudly trumpets that "Democrats will raise your taxes and spend your money!" It looks to me like Democrats want to raise your taxes if you are already wealthy or are a large corporation. The Republicans have already spent your money and are now spending your children's money.

"Wealth creates wealth," John McCain said during a primary campaign debate in Michigan last year.

Sure, for those who are already very wealthy -- but not for working Americans.

Joe Gally



The Times' headline is misleading in saying McCain wants to reduce the tax burden on the wealthy. He wants to reduce or maintain low marginal tax rates.

The Bush tax policies are collecting more money from the wealthy than ever before. The positive impact of lower marginal rates is causing many countries to adopt such regimes. Their economies perform better, and tax revenues and personal income rise.

Barack Obama is fixated on the leftist dogma that the wealthy should be discriminated against with steeply progressive and high marginal rates. He ignores economic realities and proof, justifying this error as being "fair." Nothing is fair about government that abuses taxpayers and creates economic problems.

The inability of Obama to rise above failed dogma is not change or innovation. He is not progressive but regressive.

G.H. Schirtzinger


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