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My Favorite Weekend

John Henson: TV host

August 29, 2008|Charlie Amter | Times Staff Writer

If YOU happened to be anywhere near a television set in the 1990s, you probably remember John Henson as the face of the E!'s "Talk Soup" (now known as "The Soup"). This summer, Henson is back as the co-host of ABC's new Japanese-inspired, obstacle-course-based elimination game show, "Wipeout." Henson, 41, lives just west of Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood Dell with his girlfriend, Jill Benjamin, and two dogs, George and Lilly.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Friday night I'll work late on preparing for "Wipeout." Sometimes I'll go check out my girlfriend's variety show that she puts on occasionally, called "Wizard Finger." It has comedic monologues, live music, dance and art. It's like a one-night Burning Man at Molly Malone's with guests like Seth Meyers.

BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS: Saturday mornings, sometimes I'll walk down to the 101 Coffee Shop on Franklin Avenue. I like the breakfast burrito here, but I add bacon to it. To me, the quality of breakfast can be judged by the number of different kinds of pork you're eating. If you don't finish it, you can use it to defend yourself, because it's like a 10-pound burrito.

MISSION POSSIBLE: I'm big into Bronson Canyon. We'll take the dogs up there on a Saturday. I actually met Tom Cruise there once. We hung out for like 30 minutes just talking and hiking together. . . . He was the most charming guy.

For The Record
Los Angeles Times Wednesday, September 03, 2008 Home Edition Main News Part A Page 2 National Desk 1 inches; 35 words Type of Material: Correction
Hollywood Dell location: The My Favorite Weekend feature about TV host John Henson in Friday's Calendar section said Henson's neighborhood, the Hollywood Dell, is just west of Laurel Canyon. It is west of Beachwood Canyon.

SUNSET LAWN: Saturday evenings, my girlfriend and I do something we call "sunset lawn," which is where we take out lawn chairs and bring our dogs, with some cheese, crackers and a glass of wine and watch the sunset. From there, we sometimes do a progressive supper walk, where there's one dish at one person's house and then there is another course at the next house. Also, we do a lot of theme parties. It seems like lately we're always dressing up for something. Then we'll hit a movie at the ArcLight. I'm a big fan; I almost won't see a movie anywhere else. You get to pick your seats online, which for me is great.

SHOP AND NOSH: Sundays, I like to hit Larchmont Boulevard. I'm the problem shopper in the family. Legion is this killer clothing store that's run by a French guy and his wife, and he does all of the buying himself. He's not one of those Mario Lopez, 28-inch-waist kind of guys. . . . He's just a dude, but he's got exceptional style. They've got everything from a $1,500 chrome wallet chain to an awesome straw hat.

After shopping, I'll head to my favorite place in town, Magnolia. I love the wait staff there. This place has a great New York vibe, and it's right down the hill from me. . . . The crab cakes are wonderful. The burgers are awesome. They have great comfort food that you can eat any time.


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