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Divide or conquer?

August 29, 2008

Re "Clinton calls on her party to end its rift," Aug. 27

I think the Democrats are missing the point with regard to whether Hillary Clinton's supporters will unite behind Barack Obama. We understand that we lost, but right now, many of us are still smarting over that. We felt she was and is an excellent candidate, and, yes, we wanted to support a woman. If the positions were reversed, I'm certain we would be hearing a lot about angst and maybe even anger among black Americans.

If Obama is the best candidate, when all is said and done, it will be proved in the privacy of the voting booth. All of the posturing and teeth-gnashing by prominent Democrats won't make a whit of difference.

In fact, what are they afraid of?

Annie Jelnick

Corona Del Mar


As one who voted for Clinton in the primary, I can't help but conclude that those fellow Hillaryphiles who told pollsters this week they will vote for John McCain are putting pride over principle and certainly over party.

If they truly vote for a candidate who supported almost all of the destructive policies of George W. Bush, then it's hard to believe they were ever Democrats in the first place. Such a vote would expose them for what they are -- cultists whose single-minded loyalty to a personality could sabotage America's fleeting chance to elect a humane administration that would turn from the waste of war to the pressing needs of our people.

Bob English

Santa Barbara


As a proud Clinton supporter, I am listening to her speech as I write this letter. Anyone who has followed the Clintons knows that Hillary does not really support Obama; she's just saying what she has to say to remain in good standing in the Democratic Party.

In my opinion, an Obama presidency would be a disaster for this great country. Even if Hillary supports Obama now, I don't.

On Nov. 4, I will vote for McCain.

Marlena Bricker



In the words of Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell: Get over it. Hillary supporters, we love you, but the harm you may render to the Democratic cause in this election could prove disastrous. Clinton has thrown her full support behind Obama, and we really, really, really need you to follow her wise leadership.

If we mimic only one aspect of those clever Republicans, let us observe their unfaltering solidarity. Don't let the history books recall how Democratic momentum died and destroyed a presidency because of the persisting bitterness of the undeniably tenacious Clinton campaign.

Kathleen Gustafson

Los Angeles


So some Clinton supporters plan to vote for McCain instead of Obama. I assume they will also stomp their feet and hold their breath until they turn blue.

Larry Lasseter


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