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Palin leaves them cold

August 30, 2008

Re "McCain's running mate is Alaska's Palin," Aug. 29 (Web)

Although I suspect that Sarah Palin is an ethical and fiscally responsible leader for Alaska, the thought of her being able to lead the Senate or a nation at this troubling time is insulting to Americans. Her suggestion that she will take away former supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton is ridiculous.

I can't wait to see "Saturday Night Live." What fun they are going to have with the suggestion that Palin should be a heartbeat away from running our country.

Diana Brueggemann

Los Angeles

Palin has been my governor for two years now, and I'm worried about Sen. John McCain's judgment in picking her as his running mate.

If the country could see Wasilla, the town of which she was mayor -- this job being half of her resume -- they would also question McCain's judgment.

I and most of my neighbors are absolutely stunned by this choice.

David Landry


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