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Silly slime, talking toads, hoop dreams

August 31, 2008

"Horrible Harry and the Green Slime"

Suzy Kline

This book is about horrible Harry. He is the boy in a red shirt with reddish hair who does horrible things. There is another important character, Doug. He is the boy with a yellow suit with blond hair. Harry and Doug got a homework assignment for Friday, so at lunchtime Harry and Doug focused. The assignment was to demonstrate how to do something. Harry's project was how to make green slime. Doug's project was to make your hair spiky.

I liked this book because it's filled with jokes and funny things. I would want to be a writer of a "Horrible Harry" book, because it is silly and the characters fool around at school with their brains. I like how Harry does all those crazy things all the time. The main idea was to explain how to make green slime, and to entertain.

Reviewed by Maria, 9

Los Feliz Elementary School

Los Angeles


"True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle"


Charlotte Doyle, the daughter of a rich man, has to sail across the Atlantic Ocean to America. She was planning to go with neighbors, but mysteriously they canceled at the last minute. She has to board the ship alone with a bunch of men for the crew. She gets fed up with the captain, gets tricked into thinking a man was killed and becomes friends with a stowaway. Eventually, she works with the men as a crew member. Does she get to her destination? Does she come back? Read it to see.

Reviewed by Laurel, 10

Robinson Elementary School

Manhattan Beach


"Jennifer Murdley's Toad"

Bruce Coville

A talking toad? A magic shop? When Jennifer Murdley finds herself on a street she's never seen before, she's spooked! Then she runs into a magic shop and buys a toad, a big, 5-inch-tall toad! The old man who runs the store hands her a piece of paper folded three times. At first, he hesitates, then lets go of it. What does it say? What surprises will Jennifer encounter? Read the book to find out!

Reviewed by Jessica, 10

Barnhart School



"Shoot for the Hoop"

Matt Christopher

If you like books on sports and excitement, then "Shoot for the Hoop" by Matt Christopher is the book for you. The main character's name is Rusty, and the main idea is that Rusty is a diabetic and Rusty has to fight his illness to return to the game he loves, which is basketball!

Reviewed by Conor, 9

O'Neill Elementary School

Mission Viejo


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