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The girl next door

Amy Adams has an unerring sense of what suits her personality. She's already a classic.

December 10, 2008|Elizabeth Snead | Elizabeth Snead writes the Dish Rag blog at

Amy Adams has never had an OMG fashion moment.

And she probably never will.

The perky girl-next-door actress, a surprise entry in the '06 supporting actress Oscar race with her guileless performance in "Junebug," has somehow managed to avoid the usual Skyrocketing Young Star syndrome.

No stumbling out of L.A. nightclubs. No panty-less paparazzo pix. Not even a mascara-smudged mug shot.

And you'll never see the all-American beauty smothered in sequins, burdened by bling or being inappropriately revelatory in a shockingly sheer dress.

This style-savvy actress routinely sticks with figure-flattering feminine classic creations from designers who know the drill.

For her first major award show, the 2006 Critics' Choice Awards, Adams won supporting actress for "Junebug" and set the tone for her award season style with a classic full, black, mid-calf skirt topped by a crisp, white, tailored shirt.

New York designer Carolina Herrera dressed Adams in a far more elegant chocolate brown silk ball skirt and bustier for her first Oscar carpet stroll that same year.

And Adams did yet another classic turn in 2008 with a glamorous green strapless Proenza Schouler gown and a decidedly Rita Hayworth side-parted wavy loose 'do.

She's favored Oscar de la Renta's reliably feminine designs for other awards and premiere carpets.

And over the last two years she has donned Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and smaller designers Lela Rose and the vintage-inspired Jovovich-Hawke.

Adams is poised for yet another Oscar run this season for her widely praised role in "Doubt," the tense drama of faith and suspicion, working with two dauntingly accomplished actors, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep.

Which designer will she choose this award season?

She may stick with proven Herrera or De la Renta.

But given her increasing recognition and box office success with "Enchanted," this could be the year she opts for a Euro-couture gown from the deeper-pocketed design houses, such as Chanel, Dior, YSL or Fendi.

Could a lucrative fashion or beauty contract be far behind?

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