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Obama-Kennedy tie is new, and old

February 01, 2008

Re "JFK's daughter endorses Obama," Jan. 27, and "Kennedy to endorse Obama," Jan. 28

As I watched Obama endorsed by Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) and Caroline Kennedy, I was moved -- again. In Obama I see a principled, strong leader who is inclusive and transparent. I have been moved to participate in my own democracy to solve the myriad profound issues we face as a country. That is the difference in these candidates for me. As one of the blades of grass in this grass-roots movement, the campaign constantly reminds me to remain on point and positive -- to draw no negative comparisons. I have tried to stay true to that ethic. No campaign is without vigorous discourse, as it should be.

America needs a leader who will inspire us to be better citizens, motivate our youth to action and put a face on our country that tells our shrinking world that we as a nation are capable of change, of strength in ideas and solutions, and remind us that we are one people with a powerful voice in our own destiny.

Erin Fairbanks

Oak Park, Calif.

The endorsement of Obama by President John F. Kennedy's brother, daughter and nephew can't be overstated.

It has often been said that Obama represents a once-in-a-generation public servant who can bring the change and the optimism that the Kennedys did in the 1960s. The torch has indeed been passed to a new generation, and Obama is the one to take the lead at this challenging time.

Steven M. Clayton

Ocean, N.J.

Our candidate of vision and change, Obama, is glorifying in his endorsement by Ted Kennedy. Throughout the campaign, Obama has spoken out against the "old politics" and Washington's "vested interests."

So now he's hearkening back to the '60s with the Kennedys? How much older or more vested could there be?

Barbara B. Miller

La Habra

So Obama's going to transcend partisanship and unite us? That's quite a mountain to climb. Maybe for starters he should take a stab at uniting the Kennedys.

Tim Clark

Los Angeles

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