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Oscar fever heating up the boards

February 18, 2008

With Academy Award fever sweeping through town, what follows is a collection of some Oscar-related comments from the Gold Derby forums on the topic of presenters at Sunday's ceremony (all were posted Friday). To join the discussion, visit

"[H]appy to see [Seth] Rogen, [Jennifer] Garner, [Amy] Adams, [Renee] Zellweger and [Hilary] Swank on the list. And of course, I wouldn't mind seeing Patrick Dempsey's cute face on the film industry's biggest night. But between Dempsey, [Katherine] Heigl, [Miley Ray] Cyrus and even Steve Carell and Garner, if I didn't know any better, I'd think this was the Emmys! Who are they gonna add next? Jeff Probst? Leighton Meester? Flava Flav?"

-- RichterScale

"The presenter list is kind of weird. It looks like the list for the MTV Movie Awards."

-- MissyGal

"[W]e know Patrick Dempsey will present one of 'Enchanted's' three nominated songs. Same goes for Miley Cyrus, though she might present animated feature. Anyway, Steve Carell is becoming one of the normal presenters, joining Queen Latifah, J.Lo and the likes. It's his third consecutive attendance, right? Is J.Lo there? If yes, she'll present original song. If not, then Queen Latifah will do it."

-- iskolar

"I've been thinking about it, and as much as I would love to see Amy Adams singing 'That's How You Know,' I don't think she would be able to pull it off. And NOT because I think she can't sing, but because it's a really hard song to do live and would require a lot of practice, which I don't think she has time to at the moment. So, choosing someone who's already trained and is used to singing very difficult songs live is a smart move."

-- Pizzatarian

"Yeah, you know Colin Farrell is introducing the song from 'Once.' That is just too obvious."

-- Boomer

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