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Boeing uses him as its heavy hitter

As it's done with other troubled programs, the company is relying on Patrick Shanahan to get the 787 back on track.

February 24, 2008|Peter Pae | Times Staff Writer

Shanahan returned to Boeing and became director of final assembly for the 767 passenger jet before switching to the defense side of the business to work on military programs.

In a Seattle Times article last fall, a machinist described how Shanahan helped him solve a problem at an aircraft fabrication plant in Auburn, Wash., by walking him around the floor, introducing him to others who could help him.

"He tried to make everybody a partner," the machinist told the newspaper. "He was a heck of a leader."





Who: Patrick Shanahan

Age: 45

Job: General manager,

787 Dreamliner program

Education: Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington; master's degrees in mechanical engineering and management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Residence: McLean, Va.; commutes to Seattle

Family: Married, with three children

Bedside reading: Digital photography magazines

Childhood idol: NFL quarterback Ken "The Snake" Stabler

Diet: Ample caffeine, vending machine food and Gummi Bears

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