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'Values' series falls short

January 03, 2008

Re " 'The blessings of liberty,' " one in a series of editorials on American values and the next president , Dec. 31

Your editorial calls for an "era of decency and mutual respect," a position we should all agree on. Unfortunately, examples of the failure to achieve this goal are everywhere (e.g. left and right talk radio).

However, I would have expected more from your editorial staff as you refer to the current administration, supporters of the current administration, and/or those who disagree with your positions as overbearing, cynical and weak, to name a few.

Perhaps you can explain how this will foster open discussion of the issues with decency and mutual respect?

John C. McKinney


The American values series of editorials held great promise as a method to summarize our country's and the world's situation as we ended 2007. But like so many of your editorial adventures, this one fell short when you could not resist the temptation to Bush bash. So many good ideas and comments interrupted by your continuing vendetta against the current president.

Why not some balanced ideas about the fact that we are safe, fighting terrorists where they live, what is basically a strong economy and the good things we enjoy, and even give just a little credit to the leadership that brought us here.

The cheapest shot was the smirking over global warning as if anyone on your editorial staff had a real clue about what is happening around us. I only hope that in the new year the new owners will provide true editorial leadership to this paper.

Skip Bowling

Studio City

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