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Operation Glam

January 06, 2008|Erin Weinger

Katherine HEIGL isn't a real doctor, she just plays one on TV. But that isn't stopping the actress, better known as Dr. Izzie Stevens on ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," from bringing a collection of medical scrubs to a hospital near you.

The Katherine Heigl Collection, produced by Dallas-based Peaches Uniform, comprises four lines themed to specific locales, and is priced on par with other medical uniforms. (Most pieces are less than $35.)

The Connecticut and London lines are the most conservative, offering only slight tweaks to the physician's traditional white lab coat. The Seattle line includes cotton poplin tops in earth tones, a nod to the outdoor lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest, no doubt.

But it is the Los Angeles line that's the bestselling and the most trendy, with the flared pants and floral-detailed hoodies you'd expect to find on Robertson Boulevard, not in the ER.

Style isn't the only thing drawing customers to the celebrity line, according to Michelle Thomas, owner of Marly's Uniform in Simi Valley, which has been stocking Heigl's goods since November.

The collection solves a couple of serious fit problems that plague those who live in scrubs -- unflattering bulk from wearing multiple layers to keep warm, and the discomfort of too-tight drawstring pants.

Heigl, who approves each item in the collection, created a standard, short-sleeve scrub top with faux long T-shirt sleeves, eliminating the need for other layers.

And instead of drawstrings, several pants styles feature an elastic band alternative.

"It's amazing that it took a celebrity to finally do those things," Thomas says.

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