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You said it!

January 06, 2008

Re "How cliche," editorial, Jan. 1

Your list of cliches missed one that is "utilized" far too often. Use, used, using are such nice, easy words off the lips and easy on the ears. We do not hear them often enough.

Laurie Wilcox

Palm Desert

How about "proactive"? If you're not proactive, are you conactive?

Ann Sherman James

Los Angeles

May the gods spare me from folks whose conversation is strewn with "it's a no-brainer," "the fact of the matter is," "at the end of the day," "we're on the same page," "get with the program," "basically," "triangulated" and "over and out."

Michele Mooney

Van Nuys

Your editorial omitted the one hackneyed term that has driven me crazy for years: "closure." There, I'm feeling so much better -- must be closure.

Bruce Phillips

Los Angeles

How about the repeated use of "robust" by officials and CEOs describing the performance and quality of their programs and products? "Fat" and "full of hot air" come to mind every time I hear it.

Joanne Hedge


As long as we're dumping cliches, let's include "touch base," "bouncing this or that off someone," "let's do lunch," "giving back" and "global warming."

Tim Elliott


The answer word "absolutely" is also tired, as well as the phrases "you guys" and "you know what I mean?" -- if you know what I mean.

Jon Konjoyan

Toluca Lake

After applauding your list of phrases that deserve to die, may I add "24/7," "no problem" (for "you're welcome"), "around the clock" and the daily misuse of the word "suspect."

Harrison Stephens


How about "basically"?

Skip Houston

Laguna Beach

Could we please, oh please, add "uber" to the list?

Lisa Stevenson



Trent D. Sanders

La Canada Flintridge

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