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Selanne still undecided

January 08, 2008|Eric Stephens

Teemu Selanne said the only reason he has not retired is because he believes the Ducks have the pieces in place to win a second consecutive Stanley Cup and is trying to decide if he wants to be part of that.

"Every time I come to the games, I get really excited," he said before attending Monday night's home game against Nashville. "But when I go home, it's with mixed feelings."

Selanne, 37, said he is on a program where he'll skate up to five days this week with the intention of making a final decision in "about two weeks."

And if he does return, it will be with the Ducks and no one else.

"I have to know if I'm ready to start pushing it to get back to the level I want to be at," said Selanne, who had 48 goals last season. "There's no way I'm coming back at 90 or 95%. It has to be 100%."

Selanne said the reason he has taken until now to get back on the ice is because he had planned to wait until after the birth of his daughter, Veera, who was born on Dec. 5.

Selanne said that his skating right now isn't an automatic sign that he is returning.

"I feel good," he said. "But I have to see how my body will react. I have to feel good physically and also feel the same way mentally, to see whether I'm enjoying skating."

Selanne did get a laugh when he was asked about rumors that he was going to play in Sweden.

"I don't know where that came from," he said. "It's funny how these rumors get started. Maybe for the national team."

-- Eric Stephens

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