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Murphy leads among worsts

The actor snares five Razzie nominations for his work in 'Norbit.' Lindsay Lohan nets two for 'I Know Who Killed Me.'

January 21, 2008|Lee Margulies | Times Staff Writer

One year after being nominated for an Academy Award in "Dream Girls," Eddie Murphy finds himself on the downturn of the Hollywood roller coaster: He's nominated for five Golden Raspberry Awards, the annual prizes better known as the Razzies that poke fun at the worst films and performances of the year.

Still, you have to give Murphy credit for versatility: He earned nominations as worst actor, worst supporting actor, worst supporting actress and worst screen couple, all for his work in the comedy "Norbit." To add insult to insult, he also picked up a nomination for his contribution to the screenplay.

Lindsay Lohan similarly netted multiple citations in the 28th annual Razzie nominations released today, pulling down two nominations as worst actress and another as worst couple in the thriller "I Know Who Killed Me," in which she played two characters with very different personalities.

Naturally, both "Norbit" and "I Know Who Killed Me" made the list of nominees for worst film of 2007, along with "Bratz," "Daddy Day Camp" and "I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry."

"I Know Who Killed Me" recorded the most nominations overall with nine, followed by "Norbit" with eight and "Bratz" and "Daddy Day Camp" with five each.

Murphy was not the only former Oscar nominee to receive Razzie recognition. So did director Roland Joffe ("Captivity") and Academy Award-winning actors Nicolas Cage (for "Ghost Rider," "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" and "Next"), Cuba Gooding Jr. ("Daddy Day Camp" and "Norbit"), Diane Keaton ("Because I Said So") and Jon Voight ("Bratz," "National Treasure: Book of Secrets," "September Dawn" and "Transformers").

The tongue-in-cheek Razzies are handed out by the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation, with nominations and winners chosen by hundreds of film professionals, journalists and fans. Winners will be announced Feb. 23 at Magicopolis in Santa Monica, a day before the Academy Awards are scheduled. Razzie founder John Wilson said the show would go on regardless of whether the Oscars are affected by the writers strike.


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