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Corrective measures taken

January 21, 2008

Re "San Onofre workers disciplined over safety lapses," Jan. 16, and "Lapses found at San Onofre," Jan. 15

More than 2,000 people work at our San Onofre facility. During the last two years, we became aware of seven employees or contractors who, in unrelated incidents, violated the strict work rules in place at U.S. nuclear plants. None of the incidents jeopardized plant or public safety.

In each case, we notified the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and, after careful review, took disciplinary actions. Most of the individuals were discharged.

Because we take such incidents very seriously, we decided last fall to implement a comprehensive set of corrective measures, including enhanced employee and contractor training and expanded independent checks of certain San Onofre activities. The recent NRC announcement to which The Times referred was the commission's endorsement of our enhanced program.

Dick Rosenblum

Senior Vice President, Chief Nuclear Officer

Southern California Edison


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