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Resolve, judgment and John McCain

July 03, 2008

Re "The 'new politics' will have to wait," July 1

Resolve. This is a quality that is important in a president -- and it's a quality that John McCain possesses, thanks to his service to our country as a POW.

Maybe, as retired Army Gen. Wesley K. Clark points out, riding in a jet and getting shot down does not qualify a person to be president. But having the strength to deal with imprisonment for the five years after the "jet ride" sure does! Experience, inner calm and an ability to meditate over issues is exactly what I want in the person taking the 3 a.m. call at the White House.

As for Clark's opinion, remember: It was under Clark that NATO attacked the Balkans, perhaps to deflect attention from the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Under Clark's leadership, NATO bombed the Chinese Embassy by mistake, killing three. Clark's forces also bombed a civilian convoy by mistake. Ultimately, he was forced out.

Because of his inexperience, Barack Obama surrounds himself with such ineptitude, making the choice for McCain a no-brainer.

Paul Carter

Long Beach

The outrage over Clark's statement is absurd. So is Obama's distancing himself from it. Clark did not disrespect McCain's service, only the foolish idea proffered by the moderator that being shot down is some sort of qualification for the office of president. If Clark's statement is not a fair statement, then any of thousands of ex-GIs are automatically qualified to be president. War service is commendable, but judgment demonstrated since that experience is what is required here. McCain has jettisoned his in the last two years.

Bill Trzeciak


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