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Just mad for Obama

July 17, 2008|Cathleen Decker

For those still harboring hopes that California will be hotly contested in the November presidential election, it's time for a pity party.

The latest statewide poll, conducted by Field Research Corp., shows that Democrat Barack Obama extended his lead over Republican John McCain to 24 points, 54% to 30%. In May, Obama's lead was 17 points; it was 7 in January.

The Field Poll, conducted July 8-14, also reveals an enthusiasm gap: 51% of Obama's supporters said they were very enthusiastic about him, whereas only 17% of McCain's made the same claim.

Obama leads strongly among Democratic voters; McCain holds a less-dominant lead among Republicans. And among the nonpartisan voters highly coveted by candidates, Obama leads, 64% to 18%.

McCain has repeatedly said he will contest the state. But only a third of the voters are registered Republicans.

The state is hardly homogeneous, however. Coastal voters favor Obama, 62% to 24%, whereas inland residents back McCain, 44% to 35%. Unfortunately for McCain, inland voters make up less than one-third of the state's electorate.

-- Cathleen Decker

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