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Courts and kids

July 26, 2008

Re "Do it for the kids," editorial, July 19

This bill is a welcome improvement, but, unfortunately, it does not go far enough to guarantee that children under foster care or under court protection receive proper considerations that affect them and, in many cases, their families.

Much needs to be done, starting with a revision of the confidentiality laws that hide frequent misdeeds and incompetence by judges, social workers, prosecutors and public defenders. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger should appoint a commission to study the entire process. Patchwork improvements, such as this bill, will take forever to set this issue on a proper footing.

Andrew Tyszkiewicz

Rancho Palos Verdes

It shocks the conscience to think that a law must be made to give a child a say in whether and where he or she might be put into a foster home.

I have watched a hearing in which a judge heard evidence from the professionals while a child sat crying, never called to the stand. Where is the humanity of our judges?

John Clark


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