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The cookie mess

July 26, 2008

Re "Girl Scouts' misfortune cookies," July 19

Imagine my excitement when I saw that The Times actually covered a story in Claremont. Imagine my disappointment when I read that you wasted space covering Mayor Ellen Taylor's Girl Scout episode -- and on the front page. Yawn!

To minimize Taylor's contribution to the community to this incident is one-sided journalism at its best. Like her or not, her contributions to Claremont have made this a better place to live.

Carlynne McDonnell


One merely needs to view the intersection near the Taylors' law firm to realize that safety is the issue here.

There has been construction there for quite a while. The side streets are narrow, and even though the intersection is regulated with a traffic signal, it is still somewhat blind. Parking is rarely available close to the intersection, so any cookie buyers would create a hazard to the other drivers. This would certainly not be a place conducive to selling cookies.

Mrs. West, why don't you set up shop at the end of a freeway offramp? The car count would certainly be higher, the noise of your troop shouting wouldn't interfere with people trying to work and your only competition would be homeless people, who couldn't offer a snickerdoodle in return for a donation.

Duane Ferguson


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