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Colletti's rope starting to fray

July 27, 2008|Bill Shaikin

Torre will be back next season. If McCourt fires Colletti, he ought to pursue Brian Cashman, Torre's longtime general manager with the Yankees. Cashman has the cachet that McCourt so admires in Torre, and the strength to thrive while working for owners who publicly and routinely threaten to fire him.

Cashman, whose contract with the Yankees expires this fall, is said to be monitoring developments with the Dodgers. He is believed to be rooting for Kim Ng, his former assistant and now an assistant to Colletti, to get the first shot if McCourt lets Colletti go.

This story still could have a happy ending for Colletti, for McCourt and for all the Dodgers. The Dodgers are one game under .500, but they're one game out of first place. Bless the National League West.

But it has been 20 years since the Dodgers last won a playoff series, a drought Torre probably did not have in mind when he offered one reason why they traded for Blake.

"He's been on a winner," Torre said.

The Dodgers should not have to import winners. They should get back to the art of raising them.


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