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What happened on June 01, 2008







  • A lethal limbo Sandra Hernandez, Sandra Hernandez, a staff writer at the Daily Journal, writes about immigration for the legal newspaper.

  • He took downtown to a new place William Fulton, William Fulton is a senior scholar at the USC School of Policy, Planning and Development and the publisher of the California Planning & Development Report. He blogs at

  • Lost in Byzantium Nina L. Khrushcheva, Nina L. Khrushcheva teaches international affairs at the New School. She is the author of "Imagining Nabokov: Russia Between Art and Politics."

  • Between the lyings Joel Pett, Joel Pett is the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist of the Lexington Herald-Leader. His work also appears in USA Today.

  • The freedom to choose

  • Can Yahoo save Microsoft? Fred Vogelstein, Fred Vogelstein is a contributing editor at Wired magazine.

  • Reef madness Margaret Wertheim, Margaret Wertheim is the co-creator, with her sister Christine, of the Crochet Coral Reef Project, now showing in New York and coming to Los Angeles in early 2009.

  • Indefensible Robert Scheer, Robert Scheer, who wrote an Op-Ed column for The Times for 13 years, is the editor in chief of Truthdig ( and the author, most recently, of "The Pornography of Power: How Defense Hawks Hijacked 9/11 and Weakened America," to be published this week by Twelve Books.

  • Not the same old story Ezra Klein, Ezra Klein is an associate editor at the American Prospect. He blogs at

  • Proud of one's heritage

  • We recommend

  • Back to the gardening

  • The government gets; it never gives

  • End-of-life decisions








  • Bestsellers

  • When hope lived David L. Ulin, David L. Ulin is book editor of The Times.

  • This Week In Calendar

  • Bestsellers / Paperbacks

  • Twisted sisters Carolyn Kellogg

  • Sea change Kathryn Crim, Kathryn Crim is the deputy editor of the Threepenny Review.

  • Genius, reflected Nicholas Delbanco, Nicholas Delbanco is the Robert Frost Distinguished University professor of English at the University of Michigan. His new novel is "The Count of Concord."

  • Lapping it up Mark Coleman, Mark Coleman is the author of "Playback: From the Victrola to MP3, 100 Years of Music, Machines, and Money."

  • Another day at the office Ellen Slezak, Ellen Slezak is the author of the story collection "Last Year's Jesus" and the novel "All These Girls."

  • Discoveries Susan Salter Reynolds

  • Continental drift Susan Salter Reynolds, Susan Salter Reynolds is a Times staff writer.

  • Fabled past Amy Wilentz, Amy Wilentz is the author of the novel "Martyrs' Crossing" and "I Feel Earthquakes More Often Than They Happen: Coming to California in the Age of Schwarzenegger."


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