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Crucial program for children

June 03, 2008

Re "Sacred pots tie up taxes," column, May 29

I would like to offer a few points of clarification that went unsaid in George Skelton's column. Taking money away from First 5 would leave many of the families who are most vulnerable to the state's budget cuts without crucial resources.

Last year alone, First 5 provided 2.7 million Californians with services that will benefit young children throughout their lifetimes, including health insurance, high-quality preschool, early health screenings and oral healthcare.

With the economy headed in a downward spiral and the cost of living climbing every day, First 5 remains an important lifeline to the state's neediest families. That's why we are committed to helping the state with a budget solution that will both protect the children we serve and maintain the First 5 programs and services they rely on.

Laurel Kloomok

Executive Director

First 5 San Francisco

San Francisco

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