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Looking out for veterans

June 03, 2008

Re "McCain's attack on vets," Opinion, May 30

John McCain's commitment to veterans and services to support them is second to none. Regarding the current GI Bill proposal that recently passed the Senate, Edward Humes fails to understand that McCain and others proposed a bill that is better for veterans, better for military retention and is transferable to spouses or children.

McCain's bill acknowledges, as do sponsors of Sen. Jim Webb's (D-Va.) bill, that the Webb bill provides a substantial incentive for just one enlistment, which could deprive the military of candidates for extremely necessary non-commissioned officers (NCOs). NCOs are the heart and soul of the military.

McCain's bill enhances benefits to those who serve longer and, should the veteran so choose, educational benefits may be transferred to spouse or child, a benefit not included in the Webb bill. McCain's opposition to the Webb bill is based on the fact that it is inferior to the bill he has presented.

Dick Evans

York, Pa.


McCain fits right in with his Republican pals who criticize those who refuse to wear flag lapel pins but then go missing in action when it comes to appropriating tax dollars for our vets.

Richard Varenchik

Santa Clarita

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