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The more tell-alls, the better

June 04, 2008

Re "No swans in this sewer," Opinion, May 31

I have a different take than Tim Rutten on ex-government and ex-military book deals.

The American public is looking for insight into how the Bush administration erred in developing and executing its policies. Let the marketplace sort out whose perspectives gain traction with the public. Then let the historians benefit from this material as they try to sort truth from fiction in decades to come.

The more information the public has to work with, the easier it will be for democracy to function openly in the future.

Bernard Roth

Santa Barbara

So Rutten has joined the chorus of aggrieved parties denigrating former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan for his expose of the Bush administration.

He labels McClellan a "snitch" and offers the standard question: Why did he not come out with the truth when he was in the White House?

Who cares?

We need more insiders like McClellan to reveal and detail their version of the truth, even if they do cash out by writing books.

I salute Scott McClellan for finding his conscience.

Carlos Khantzis

Woodland Hills

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