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Obama and faith

June 04, 2008

Re "Obama parts with Trinity church," June 1

Barack Obama promises to be a great uniter, an agent of dramatic change and a healer of an entire nation. But his inability to unite, change and calm the rancor of his former congregation is an indication that his many promises may not be achievable.

His resignation and separation from his church of 20 years is contrary to all the pledges he has made to the American people.

Dennis Unger


British Columbia

Here we have another example of how farsighted our founding fathers really were when they recognized how dangerous the mix of religion and politics is.

We are slowly learning that religion is the root of all evil and that it should be a private, personal thing that has no place in politics.

Congratulations to Obama for his resignation from his church in Chicago.

Virginia Huschke

San Diego

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