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Cheers for the stealth gardener

June 05, 2008

Until I read “Guerrilla Gardeners Dig In,” May 29, [about people like Scott who anonymously plant on neglected public space,] I didn't realize I am a guerrilla gardener.

I am ashamed to admit I have spent quite a bit of money buying seed packets and sprinkling the contents around places I visit that have glaring bare spots or are prone to weeds.

I've planted many types of seeds over the years, including California natives, but I notice the hardiest seeds are from alyssum and evening primrose, which will self-sow and colonize barren and drought-prone sections.

Thanks for the tip on the art of seed bombing.

Robert Hemedes

Los Angeles

Hooray FOR Scott! And for Ramon Arevalo [the Long Beach superintendent of grounds maintenance who admires his work].

However, I won't be at all surprised if some city official -- stupidly thinking he's doing the right thing -- introduces some law against this type of activity, or some ordinance that calls for a fee and license of some sort for engaging in it.

Gary E. Myers Downey

Local horticultural societies chock-full of volunteers should be directed to derelict municipal lands and, in effect, be given the "keys to the city" and every opportunity to revitalize the open and neglected lands that we all own.

Gerry Robbins

via e-mail

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