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Ban ammo that the gangs use

June 05, 2008

Re "L.A. gangs, guns targeted by mayor," May 30

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's new package of gun regulations to stop senseless shootings does not go far enough. The Legislature is already considering a licensing requirement for ammunition vendors, and while the mayor proposes banning the sale of .50-caliber ammunition, the city has already prohibited the sale and possession of the firearms that use this ammunition. These military-style weapons are rarely used in crimes or gang-related shootings.

If the mayor really wants to end these shootings, the city should target the ammunition gang members actually use: 9-millimeter, .22-caliber and .45-caliber bullets.

As the turf war on gang violence rages on in City Hall, the real war continues on our streets. How many more innocent victims must be gunned down before our city officials take meaningful action against gun violence?

Niko and Theo


Studio City

The writers are co-founders of Vox Populi, an organization that engages youth in the political process by lobbying for violence prevention legislation.

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