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On the Trail / LOST CAUSE DEPT.

Support declared none too soon

June 06, 2008|Don Frederick

Let's say this for Wyoming Democrat Cindy Nunley: No one can accuse her of political expediency.

On Tuesday evening, as Barack Obama stood on the brink of securing enough delegate support to declare himself the party's presumptive presidential nominee, Nunley announced her support -- for the loser in the two-way race, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

As a member of the Democratic National Committee, Nunley is a superdelegate to the party's August convention in Denver. And, it appears, the last party official to board the sinking Clinton ship.

According to the Associated Press, Nunley opted for Clinton "because of her commitment to veterans, the number of new voters she brought into the process and the strength and determination she's showed throughout the race."

-- Don Frederick



Shattering the glass ceiling

Hillary Rodham Clinton fell short in her hard-fought battle to win enough delegates to secure the Democratic presidential nomination, but many Americans think her candidacy will help future women candidates.

Q: Other than Hillary Clinton, can you name a woman you would like to see run for president in the next eight years?Condoleezza Rice: 13%

Nancy Pelosi: 4

Elizabeth Dole: 2

Oprah Winfrey: 2

Kay Bailey Hutchison: 1

Dianne Feinstein: 2

No one: 57

Other: 6

Don't know: 13


Q: Has Hillary Clinton's candidacy made it easier/harder/had no effect for other women to run for president in the future?

Easier: 69%

No effect: 21%

Harder: 9%

Don't know: 1%


Note: The poll was conducted among a random sample of 798 adults nationwide, May 30-June 2.

Source: CBS News Poll

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