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These fines are all wet

June 07, 2008

Re "Panel delays vote on water wasters," June 4

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's vote to double the fines for those who violate city water laws will not save water. Some of these laws have been around for 16 years but not enforced. Think of the so-called ban on leaf blowers that has done nothing to reduce their smog and noise. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced a drought-buster team a few months ago that went no further than the news conference.

Instead, increased attention to the water-pricing plan could discourage wasteful water use indoors and outdoors. It would only require existing meter readers -- not hiring more inspectors driving SUVs issuing notices to customers.

David Campbell

Los Angeles

If anyone should be fined for wasting water, it is the city of Los Angeles for wasting millions of gallons of reclaimed water every day. The Times reported last November that this amount is dumped in the Los Angeles River instead of being used to replenish aquifers as originally intended.

Roy W. Rising

Valley Village

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