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Holes in the balloon argument

June 07, 2008

Re "What's helium-filled, foil -- and harmless?" Opinion, June 2

The very day that I read Terri Adishian's commentary complaining that state Senate Bill 1499's proposed ban on metallic balloons isn't justified, I also read the Glendale Water & Power's outage report for May, which lists two separate incidents, each affecting more than 500 customers, that were caused by contact between foil balloons and overhead wires.

The harm done by these balloons is real, and SB 1499 is a reasonable measure to protect the reliability of the electric service on which Californians depend.

William Hooper


If there ever was a bag of hot, helium-filled air, Adishian's self-serving Op-Ed article to save the balloons is it. Adishian is apparently unaware of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, a result of the same litter-as-you-go mind-set she exhibits.

Closer to home, you only need to sail the San Pedro Bay to see the floating results of yesterday's birthday party. It is pitiable that those who promote the desecration of our land and seas for the almighty buck have the gall to make light of it.

William K. Solberg

Los Angeles

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