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Morning briefing

June 08, 2008|Mike Hiserman | Times Staff Writer

The official numbers from the NBA's pre-draft camp in Orlando, Fla., have been released by, and this much is for certain:

When it comes to their height, these big-shot pro prospects all fudge at least a little.

The biggest fibbers exposed:

These guys tell some tall tales

Guard Lester Hudson, listed at 6-3 by Tennessee Martin last season, measured at 5 feet 11 3/4 inches without shoes. Runners-up: Memphis center Joey Dorsey, 6-9 to 6-6 1/4; Memphis guard Derrick Rose, 6-4 to 6-1 1/2; and Duke guard DeMarcus Nelson, 6-4 to 6-1.

Kevin Love, whom UCLA listed at 6-10, came in at 6-7 3/4 -- but at least he was 6-9 1/2 with shoes.

More truths: Kansas State's Michael Beasley, 6-10 to 6-7; USC's Davon Jefferson, 6-8 to 6-5 1/4, and O.J. Mayo, 6-5 to 6-3 1/4; and UCLA's Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, 6-8 to 6-5 3/4, and Russell Westbrook, 6-3 to 6-2 1/4.

Westbrook, by the way, was 6-3 1/2 wearing shoes. Finally, an honest man.

Trivia time

Of all the prospects at the pre-draft camp, who had the highest vertical leap? Hint: Dad played in the NBA.

Heat index

The Chicago Cubs and White Sox are each leading their divisions and fans from both sides are eagerly awaiting their next series, which begins June 20.

So, seeking to capitalize on the build-up, the Chicago Sun-Times is running a poll to determine which team is hotter.

Oops. Sorry. Make that, which team's fans are hotter.

The newspaper's website is running photo galleries of fans -- based on what's posted you would think women fill 90% of the seats at games -- and asking readers to vote on which team draws the better lookers.

As of late Friday afternoon, the Cubs were in the lead, with 62% of the more than 8,000 votes cast.

Oh, just in case anybody cares, the Cubs also started the day with the better record among the baseball teams, 39-22 to 33-26.

Poll positions

The Sun-Times poll appears as if it might have been inspired by similar efforts posted by, a site that is currently sponsoring a poll to determine which NBA Finals team has "the hottest cheerleaders," the Lakers or Boston Celtics.

Again as of late Friday afternoon, the Lakers led by 10 percentage points.

At that point, there had been 455 votes cast -- up ever so slightly from the previous week's question of which team had the better bench, the Celtics or Pistons.

That poll had five respondents, all for the Pistons.

A poll before that, asking whether Detroit or Pittsburgh would win the Stanley Cup, drew a split vote among the 10 who replied.

Meantime, someone apparently determined that sex sells.

Diamond dirge

Elaine Fulps of Arlington, Texas, was lively after winning the promotional prize at a recent Grand Prairie AirHogs minor league baseball game:

A $10,000 funeral.

Fulps, 60, told the Dallas Morning News that she had undergone about 20 surgeries for various medical problems and had "almost croaked many times."

"God still has me around for a reason," she said. "To win a funeral."

Fulps said she hoped, eventually, to be buried beneath a tree, "out in the Texas heat."

"And let's hope it's a pet-free cemetery," she added. "I don't want to get watered on."

Trivia answer

Tell us you're not a UCLA honk and basketball neophyte who was deked into thinking it might be Kevin Love.

The answer is Patrick Ewing, whose 42-inch vertical was the third-highest on record.

And finally

Video from the Georgia high school baseball playoff game showing an umpire being struck directly in the face mask by a pitch has drawn nearly 100,000 hits on YouTube and, according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution online poll, a vast majority of viewers say what happened was no accident.

More than 75% of the more than 9,000 respondents said they believed the Stephens County pitcher and catcher "acted intentionally so the umpire would be struck."

Having seen it, we're thinking that the other 25% must have been cast by Stephens County players, their families and close friends.


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