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A good writer on the roam

June 08, 2008

I love to travel, and I love to read Susan Spano. As the world shrinks, Susan's ability to describe the offbeat and quirky makes even the most jaded destinations worth taking a second look.

Mackay Crampton



The L.A. Times is to be commended for treating readers to the work of Spano. Her splendid presentation on the city of Rome ["Home, Sweet Rome," June 1] was thoroughly researched, as always, and a joy to those who have been enriched by time spent in that city. An additional valuable guidebook is "O Roma Felix."

Bill Patterson

Palm Desert


I really enjoyed Spano's list of books and movies that she recommends for someone to read/view before a trip to Rome ["Swords, Sandals, a Motor Scooter"].

I take about 100 students a year to Rome as part of my art history classes that I teach in Manhattan Beach. I show several of the movies that she recommends. (And, yes, 12th-graders still love watching "Roman Holiday," even the boys!)

John Mellis

Redondo Beach


I've always loved reading of Spano's travels and dreamed while she took me places. I finally am going to Rome for the first time, and her article was just wonderful for me. A friend moved over there about three or four years ago and lives right in the city. He loves it there. So I get to have the same experience Spano is having. I can hardly wait.

Mary Ann LaVasseur


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