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Bresnahan's take

June 10, 2008|Mike Bresnahan

Times staff writer Mike Bresnahan ties up some loose ends before each Finals game.

Q&A of the day

Question: HOW IS THIS BEING IGNORED BY ALL SPORTSWRITERS??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!! I am obviously a Lakers fan, which would imply some bias, but that is actually not the case. I watched [Sunday] night's game alone so that I could focus more closely on everything and one issue was glaring. The referees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's no coincidence that me and EVERYONE I know who knows basketball noticed the same lopsided officiating. This is no conspiracy theory, it's clear as day. . . . This is ridiculous and it needs to be brought to public attention by the right people (YOU).

-- Robin Hanasab

Answer: The headline for Bill Plaschke's Game 2 column was "Something Foul in Boston." It was the most-viewed story on at high noon Monday. So, yes, you're right. The issue is being totally ignored.

Worst-case Lakers scenario

Phil Jackson's postgame speech includes the 2004 Boston Red Sox, the 1975 New York Islanders and the 1942 Toronto Maple Leafs -- the only teams in major pro sports history to come back from 3-0 deficits to win a series.

Best-case Lakers scenario

The referees overcompensate for Game 2 by sending Kobe Bryant to the free-throw line 36 times. Lamar Odom appears in the series for the first time. Pau Gasol looks more like the guy who had 36 points, 16 rebounds and eight assists in the Lakers' playoff opener against Denver.

He's nothing if not honest

Luke Walton on the Lakers' too-little-too-late comeback in Game 2: "It would have been nice to get that one, but we really didn't earn it."

Final thought

It's tough to imagine the Lakers going down 3-0 after the way they ripped through the Western Conference. They'll win by a few points tonight, but can they also take Game 4? And then Game 5? A lot of question marks, no doubt.


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