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You shook on it, Dad, now lie down

June 11, 2008|Robin Abcarian

Tension in the Obama household? You be the judge.

Every once in a while, Barack Obama mentions that one of his earliest campaign promises was to his two little girls, Malia, 9, and Sasha, who turned 7 on Tuesday: They can get a dog . . . when the campaign is over.

The question came up again about a month ago at the dinner table. The Obamas told "Good Morning America" the other day that the family shook hands on a promise that next spring, the girls will get their pet. But their comments suggested that negotiations were still underway:

Barack: "And we also have a year to test whether they are sufficiently responsible."

Michelle: "They are responsible. Malia is responsible."

Barack: "They're responsible for a 9- and a 6-year-old. . . . But whether they're going to be responsible . . . in the middle of the winter to go walk that dog . . . "

Michelle: " . . . We're getting a dog."

Barack: " . . . when it's cold outside."

Michelle: "The dog is a done deal." She looked into the camera, addressing her girls: "You guys are getting a dog. Don't let Dad . . . "

Barack: "The dog is a done deal . . . who is walking the dog, that's what we're concerned about."

-- Robin Abcarian

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