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Senate report falls short

June 11, 2008

Re "Senate war report rebukes Bush, Cheney," June 6

If The Times' portrayal is accurate, then the report is another cover-up for the administration couched as criticism. It characterizes the mistakes as errors in judgment or deceit in noncritical areas, exonerating the administration from any criminal consequences. There were plenty of caveats and contradictions to the administration's assertions by reputable sources, but they were ignored along with anything that impaired the policy.

This was an ill-conceived, immoral, illegal and ill-planned war that was rubber-stamped by the Republican Congress and inadequately questioned by complicit Democrats and the corporate media. It was a bad idea implemented badly.

Even with the knowledge of recent history, we are in danger of repeating the same mistakes with Iran -- either directly or with Israel as a proxy.

Michael Goldman

Woodland Hills

Again The Times has failed the public, burying a crucial article regarding the Bush administration's outright lies to the American people. This was also the case with the article regarding former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan's book. Over a trillion dollars and thousands of American dead later, with the economy teetering on the verge of recession, President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney picnic on the White House lawn. I can only shake my head in wonder as to why these scoundrels weren't impeached years ago.

Bill Silverman


So the Senate Intelligence Committee has spent four years and untold millions of taxpayer dollars on another report that accomplishes nothing. If they are going to investigate and then insult us by doing nothing, what is the point?

There should be a law that requires an impeachment trial if there is even the possibility of wrongdoing by those investigated at huge taxpayer expense. If Congress does not want to pass that law, then spend our money on anything but more useless and pointless investigations.

Hope Molyneux

Thousand Oaks

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