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Consumers are the main culprits

June 12, 2008

Re "Chasing Farrah too far," Opinion, June 9

Although I agree with the direction of Craig J. Nevius' Op-Ed article, he neglects to include the primary culprits. Isn't it those who purchase magazines and newspapers who are really to blame? After all, if there were no audience for such garbage, there would be no incentive to pay informants or paparazzi for information or pictures.

To absolve the public, which increasingly gobbles up such non-news at great cost to celebrities, seems to miss the heart of the matter.

If you want to urge anything, urge that the public take responsibility and stop buying this trash.

Bruce Goren

Los Angeles

Does it strike anyone else as absurd for someone to take part in a film about her efforts to protect her privacy?

Rory Johnston


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