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Let's fix it

June 14, 2008

As someone who grew up in the whine country of Sacramento, I have had to endure the rantings of many family and friends about that fateful Game 6. Was it the refs that made Robert Horry's three-pointer after you had gagged away a 20-point lead in Game 4? Was it the refs who made you miss your free throws down the stretch in Game 7? My answer has always been the same. Make your foul shots and the Kings have rings.

By the way, how was that downtown parade for the Monarchs a couple years ago?

Kyle Scott

Santa Monica

No wonder Greece, Puerto Rico and Argentina keep beating our Olympic teams -- they never get the memo on who is supposed to win.

Mike Gilbert

Hermosa Beach

As an Angels fan, I have to ask: By any chance was Doug Eddings a referee during the 2002 NBA playoffs?

Nick Gonzales

Baldwin Park

Q: What is the difference between David Stern and Vince McMahon?

A: Nothing.

Mark Hoover

Seal Beach

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