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Brown and out

June 14, 2008

Message to Rick Dutrow Jr.: Get over yourself. After all your posturing, you still want to find someone else to blame, namely Kent Desormeaux, for the Belmont loss. Did it ever occur to you that Big Brown just didn't feel like racing that day? Or was plain beat by a better horse? Even Secretariat had off days. You, like Serena Williams, never acknowledge the other guy.

Stacey Skvicalo


Here are just some of the numerous explanations for Big Brown's collapse at the Belmont:

1. The race was just too long.

2. His injury cut down on his training time.

3. He wasn't given his steroid shot. (Same excuse given for Eric Gagne's poor season.)

4. It was too hot in New York on race day.

5. Hillary Clinton had just given her concession speech.

And here is the only reason that makes any sense: Big Brown is a horse. No one has ever been able to predict what a race horse will and will not do. Please, give it a rest.

Ralph S. Brax


Brownie, you did a heck of a job.

Donald Bartel

West Hills

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