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Telecom parallel is unjustified

June 15, 2008

The argument advanced in David Lazarus' June 8 column ("A telecom line we've already heard," Consumer Confidential) is flawed in its attempt to illustrate a parallel between the not very competitive cable business with that of the hyper-competitive wireless business.

You would have been more accurate to compare Verizon Wireless' proposed merger with Alltel to Verizon's previous wireless mergers. After all, Verizon would not be Verizon if not for many successful combinations.

The merger of Bell Atlantic's wireless business with that of AirTouch and GTE in 2000 created Verizon and, soon after, many benefits for consumers, including nationwide coverage.

When it comes to comparing the cable business with wireless, you're mixing bad apples with oranges.

John Palmer

Region president,

Verizon Wireless


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