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Breaking down a siren's style

June 15, 2008|Emili Vesilind

How would you describe your look?

I tend to lean a lot on the Lolita-pinup thing. High-waisted shorts, onesies and vintage tops. It's like in that Elton John song "Tiny Dancer" when he sings, "pretty eyes, pirate smile." It's innocent but can still be sexy. But some days I wake up and I want to wear Converse and be a little more scruffy and dirty.

What do you think makes a person stylish?

A nice dose of sexiness.

You live in Hollywood now. Where do you like to shop?

First off, shopping is my drug of choice. I like Shareen's downtown. I've been shopping there for years. I get tons of dresses -- you can fill up a bag for so cheap and have a week's worth of outfits. I also like Golyester, that vintage store on La Brea, and Pop Killer in Hollywood, which has the best Japanese imports -- gloves, scarves, clothes. I get all my sunglasses there, because I lose sunglasses all the time. They're $20 each and they're so cool. Also you can shop till midnight.

Who are your favorite designers?

I love Marc Jacobs. I know that's so standard, but I do. I like Brian Lichtenberg too. There's also an up-and-coming New York brand that I use all the time named Mandate of Heaven. And Neil Barrett is a good friend of mine and always sends me amazing androgynous leather things like vests and jackets for when I'm feeling a little darker and wanting to wear black. Jeremy Scott isn't afraid to make fun of clothes and I like that.

What's on your fashion wish list?

That Stella McCartney floral [pants] jumper. Oh my God, I need that in my life.

What do you like in a bag?

I'm carrying a black Chloe bag that basically should be in a trash can because I've demolished it. But I have all kinds of amazing purses. I have a watermelon purse that I carry a lot. It's from H&M. I've been shot by the paparazzi before wearing it -- which doesn't happen often -- and the headline was like, "Watermelon Girl!" I love all kinds of things like that, that have fruit motifs.

What is your indispensable makeup?

I don't leave the house without Laura Mercier concealer and without my eyebrows done. They frame the face.

What L.A. restaurants do you like?

Magnolia is my favorite -- I eat there at least once a week. I also love this place called Los Tacos. . . . It's on Santa Monica Boulevard right next to a 7-11, it's cash only and it's open 24 hours. You order at the counter and take it and sit. I get the beef enchiladas with green sauce. And the Farmers Market at the Grove is like going to Epcot Center. You get everything you could ever want in life right there.

What do you like to do on your time off?

I love going to shows. The Troubadour, Henry Fonda and Avalon -- those are my favorite places to see music. I like to take in the nicer things, too, like going to the beach. And if I need to go away and remember where I came from, I can be in Santa Barbara in an hour.

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