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Two sides of the coin

June 15, 2008

for the refreshing Op-Ed article by Peter Dumon. That a business owner would endorse a living-wage ordinance is astounding. Rather than resist attempts by workers to gain fair compensation for their services, Dumon considers the living wage an investment that will pay dividends by maintaining morale, with resulting higher productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

Kudos to this farsighted hotel owner, who obviously believes in treating employees with dignity and respect. We need thousands more Peter Dumons.

Robert C. Lutes

Temple City

Despite Dumon's best intentions, the so-called living wage is a ruse. Some jobs will always pay less than others because that is what they are worth in a free-market economy.

Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of economics knows these feel-good wage hikes raise the cost of goods and services for everyone, including the living-wage worker, and produce a ripple effect through the economy that erodes purchasing power.

Who really wins besides the tax collector?

Richard Deight


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