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A stirring visit to the wolf den

June 15, 2008

"In the Wolf's Den" [June 8] seemed to ask a lot of Tonya Littlewolf and Wolf Mountain Sanctuary. The rule of no one under age 13 is there for a reason.

I have been to the sanctuary, enjoyed the wolves and Littlewolf and her family, and I wonder whether the author fully realizes that Wolf Mountain is wholly self-sustaining. It receives no funding from any government sources and survives by the generosity of those who visit and have heard about its rescue efforts. To visit the sanctuary and commune with the wolves is an honor and a gift to the soul.

Harriett L. Pease



I too visited the wolf sanctuary in Lucerne last year and was overwhelmed by the grace and majesty of the wolves. Indeed, being close to them and looking into their eyes is an otherworldly experience; they are so glorious and powerful. You will never forget the strong sense of spirit the wolves impart. It changes your life.

Janet L. Spiegel

Palm Springs

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