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Protect the right rights

June 16, 2008

Re "Constitution applies to detainees, justices say,"

June 13

The Supreme Court ruling on the right to habeas corpus is a victory for the Constitution and our free republic. The Great Writ dates back to the Magna Carta and is a foundation of liberty.

The victory belongs not to detainees but to we the people of the United States. The constitutional framework of checks and balances proved its power, if only by five precious votes.

Catherine G. Burke

San Gabriel


Your editorial states that the Bush administration has evaded offering the protections of habeas corpus under the Constitution when dealing with suspected terrorists. Terrorists do not wear military uniforms and do not fight under any nation's flag; their sole purpose is to destroy our way of life.

Any administration's first duty is to protect its citizens. The question is, how can we be protected from those who would use our legal system to destroy that very legal system?

Jefferson C. Romney

Westlake Village

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