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Thank you, Tim Russert

June 17, 2008

Re "Everyman of TV politics," June 14

I join all those saddened by Tim Russert's death. I can't help feeling that I have lost a good friend.

I will miss watching him Sunday mornings, moderating "Meet the Press" with so much class. I will miss the information he provided during his frequent appearances on the nightly news.

Most of all, I will sorely miss his perspective when there is an election. I feel like finding a little white board and writing: Thank you, Tim Russert, for all you did for us.

Jon White



Re "Affable, with Irish gusto for politics," June 14

"If it's Sunday, it's 'Meet the Press.' " Tim Russert embodied intelligent, fully researched, exemplary journalism in an age of partisan TV personalities more interested in their egos than the story.

Tim Rutten's article comparing Russert to Judith Miller is a disgrace. Judith Miller was a pawn of the Bush administration.

Russert merely refuted I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby's lie that Russert gave him Valerie Plame's name and CIA status. Rutten is no Russert, and this disgraceful article attacking one of the best American journalists in memoriam deserved no place in your paper.

Scott Bentley


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