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A special circle in hell

June 17, 2008

Re "Tables turn as a brutal killer asks for mercy," June 14

There are some crimes that are so egregious that there can be no mercy for their perpetrators. Susan Atkins' coldblooded murder, with a knife, of a mother who begged for the life of her unborn child is one such crime.

There is a special circle in hell for Atkins. Perhaps dying of brain cancer in a cold prison cell is just a small taste of what's to come.



Agoura Hills


We need to reevaluate our priorities. Charles Manson and his murderous clan have sat in our prisons utilizing taxpayers resources that by now must reach into the millions.

I don't want one cent of my productive income spent on the upkeep of uncivilized, unproductive individuals who decided on their own not to live by the laws of society. All that Atkins or any other proven murderer deserves is a fair and swift trial with competent legal representation, a swift review of his or her sentence and a fast death.

It is preposterous, especially in times of severe budgetary constraints, that hard-working individuals are expected to foot the bill for those who have chosen to callously take the lives of others. Let's streamline the death sentence and reinvest resources in the future of law-abiding citizens -- not coldblooded killers like Atkins, who have been given far more resources than they ever deserved.

Douglas Hall

Los Angeles

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